Cantons of Hallstadt

The thirteen cantons of the Hallstadt Confederacy operate independently of each other. The articles of confederation provide for certain relations between the cantons and for a united defense of Hallstadt against outside invasion.


Capital: King’s Keep Metropolis: 13th largest (400 sq. mi.), 1st most populous (40,000) King’s Keep is the capitol city of Hallstadt where the cantons gather for united action. While it supplies a fair amount of its own food, it is reliant upon trade with the other cantons in order to feed itself. The [[Manors#KingsKeep|keep]] after which the city is named is itself a tremendous structure which serves as the manor of the Lord Protector of Reichsfreyt.

h2.Schwyz Metropolis: 2nd largest (1800 sq. mi.), 2nd most populous (35,000)


h2.Zurik Large City: 6th largest (1200), 3rd most populous (25,000) big lake, frosted mountain


h2.Lussern Large City: 3rd largest (1600), 4th most populous (20,000) great farmland


h2.Kyburg Large City: 10th largest (800), 5th most populous (18,000) Ashardalon’s plain, near the Swampwood


h2.Zahringer Small City: 5th largest (1300), 6th most populous (16,000)


h2.Helvetia Small City: 4th largest (1400), 7th most populous (14,000) Lord Protector: [[Jovrim Reed-Dytain]] Western (and southern) opening to the valley; defense point The western-most canton, Helvetia watches the gap in the mountain ring. A large river flows out of the valley and commerce is transacted up and down the river. To the east is an odd desert named Ashardalon’s Plain which is a desert of fine gray sand. While hardly a treasure itself, valuable gems have been found beneath the flat sand. This plain is shared with the Kyburg canton. The entire canton of Helvetia is largely unforested, contained rolling hills. Watcher’s Tower, the cantonal seat, sits in the middle of the pass next to the river and acts as the [[Manors#WatchersTower|fortress]] guarding the valley.

Watcher’s Tower

h2.Zug Small City: 11th largest (700), 8th most populous (12,000)


h2.Glaurus Small City: 7th largest (1100), 9th most populous (10,000)


h2.Uri Large Town: 9th largest (900), 10th most populous (4,000) distant and wooded, engaged in significant forestry


h2.Waldstatt Large Town: 1st largest (2200), 11th most populous (3,000) Lord Protector: Son of Stag contains the great depths of the forest, very dangerous, watches over trade with the FME


h2.Unterwalden Small Town: 8th largest (1000), 12th most populous (2,000) Lord Protector: Aidar Van Eck, Viscount: Oswin Meinrad A few farms. Hunting and herding. Famous for sausage made from pigs herded in forest and boars hunted in the woods. [[Manors#CurzacksKeep|Curzack’s Keep]] sits high in the valley, and this massive and ancient fortress stands guard as it has for centuries.


h2.Jura Small Town: 12th largest (600), 13th most populous (1,000) Lord Protector: Verdigriss Because of the excellent springs found immediately outside the town of King’s Retreat a sizable number of people visit each year, making the inns quite profitable. There are no other settlements in Jura, and King’s Retreat is responsible for farming the land about two miles in every direction. The rest of the canton is forested and encircled by a smooth ring of mountains. The springs feed the crystal-clear Crescent lake that glitters below the [[Manors#Zircon|Zircon]] , Treleni’s fabled tower that is said to contain mind-bending rooms that challenge one’s sanity.

King’s Retreat


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